The Best Free Puzzle Games For Your iPhone

If you’re like a lot of games, you appreciate a good brain-teasing puzzle game. The prospect of shelling out money for a mobile game isn’t always appealing, though. Take heart! We’ve discovered that there are plenty of fun, challenging, and engrossing puzzle games available on the iPhone at no cost whatsoever. While many of the titles listed here feature in-app purchase, we’ve confirmed that payment is definitely not required to enjoy the games.
1. Block X 3


This minimalist game asks you to slide tiles across a playing field in order to align them all without any stragglers. The challenge? You only have a fixed number of moves to reach your goal. The 300 puzzles included in the app ramp up the difficulty steadily, adding tiles in multiple colors and tiles with special attributes to make each puzzle more challenging. By the time you work your way to the later levels, you’ll be sweating every decision.

2. Chip Chain


This casino-style matching game is an attractive, highly-polished app. By lining up casino chips that have the same value, you can consolidate them into more valuable chips. Play alternates between you and a virtual dealer, with a new chip added to the board with each turn. Bonus cards are available to dramatically alter the state of the playing field, and special game modes come up on different days. (Unlocking all game modes for on-demand play requires an in-app purchase.) This is a fast-paced puzzle game that demands just a bit of strategic thinking.
3. Flow Free

Flow Free

In Flow Free, all you have to do is connect two dots without crossing any of the lines laid out on the play field. What could be simpler? As the game grows more challenging, though, you’ll start to sweat your route-planning choices and weighing each decision carefully. While the graphics are fairly rudimentary, the action is engrossing. 1200 levels are available free of charge, and if Flow Free snares your attention you can by another 1440 puzzles for $3.99. Seasoned puzzle gamers looking for an intuitive, addictive challenge will find exactly what they’re looking for in Flow Free.

4. PixWords


This visual version of a crossword combines linguistic and artistic talents. You’ll have to find the crossword puzzles embedded in a given picture. Inputting one word correctly opens up a new letter and pushes you towards eventually revealing the entire puzzle. This free game is available on all iOS devices. The rules are easy to learn but challenging to master. With a database of hundreds of pictures and words, PixWords presents constant novelty across more than 350 levels. This game is a great tool for testing and improving your vocabulary. PixWords has impressive cross-language support. Fully functional versions are available in 21 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Korean, and Italian.

In case you need help with this game you can go to this site and you will find all the answers you are looking for.
5. Dots


This fast-paced casual game challenges you to bring dots into color-matched lines as fast as you can. You have only so much time — and only so many moves — to make as many matches as possible. Building continuous loops will earn you bonuses. As the game progresses, you can convert your already-gathered dots into power-ups that will help you tackle more puzzles. Dots also has a local multiplayer mode that allows head-to-head action with your friends. With smart design choices, simple controls, and tons of fun, Dots makes a great way to kill a little down time.
6. Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft

As you might guess based on the title, this game combines classic puzzle action with an RPG-style crafting system. You also get the village management gameplay of a real-time strategy game. Crafting tools and gathering resources from your village give you power-ups to use in the puzzle games. The puzzles themselves are basic tile-matching games. Melding simple puzzle games to more strategic game styles from other genres gives Puzzle Craft some real long-term appeal.
7. Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz

This latest take on the world’s leading puzzle game offers you some imaginative surprises. As with any Tetris game, the heart of the challenge is assembling regular rows out of irregular building blocks in order to score points. Tetris Blitz adds a fresh challenge by allowing you to move your blocks around in more complex ways. You can set targets and send blocks to them automatically. The total play time is limited to two minutes, so maximizing your score needs to be your primary goal. Fortunately, you can use a range of interesting new power-ups to help boost your score and make an impressive showing on the online leader boards.
8. QatQi


This novel look at crossword-style puzzle games is really intriguing. You use a limited selection of letter tiles to fill blanks in a puzzle’s layout. The challenge comes from the fact that using every tile you’re given is required. At higher levels you’re also challenged to hit coin objectives and score multipliers, although reaching them while still using up all of your letters is tough. Puzzle game fans with a literary bent will definitely enjoy this Scrabble-like twist on the classic crossword.
9. Trid


This memory game shows you a simple pattern laid out on a nine-cell grid. All you have to do is reproduce the pattern quickly. Your score multiplies fast if you can build up a continuous run of perfect recreations. Of course, at higher levels things aren’t so simple; individual squares of the grid start rotating, adding another task to your pattern reproduction goals. Trid comes with a nice slection of different game modes — time attack, sudden death, and mirror mode. This fun little game is not only free to download but also free of in-app purchases. It’s great to see a simple, fun game like this offered up to the world with nothing expected in return!
10. Triple Town

Triple Town

This popular match-3 game drops the player into a closed grid and challenges you to merge tiles that share common features together. The hierarchy of tile features is charming: you’ll merge shrubs into bushes, bushes into trees, trees into house, and so forth. This system creates a constantly-changing board, but caution and skill are required to make sure that you always preserve a few viable moves. At higher levels you’ll also have to contend with fractious bears who want to squat on the spaces you need to make matches. This stylish, kid-friendly puzzler offers you a great deal of replayability.



The apple company has profoundly changed the gaming industry in the sensitive regions. True to this fact is that both Sony and Nintendo companies are taking a deeper thought of the increasing rate of popularity in the apple gaming devices. This is because most of the individuals prefer iPhone gaming devices to other companies. Some critics may argue that it is not the gaming devices that have brought Apple into the position they are in now. I would somewhat agree since the company despite the fact that they provide the best gaming devices, they also provide them at a low and affordable price making them more affordable. Below are the five best free iPhone games.iphone games
1. Timber man.
Those for a long steer and a taste of adventure will surely rush for this game. The game is quite simple in that all you need to do is to make great turnings to avoid the great obstacles, which in this case are branches; along your way. However the game also provides a new challenge in every stage and even the encounter with an apoplectic green super villain.

2. Tiny striker.
Tiny striker is one of the greatest pixel games that you may ever get on your iPhone. It is worth your time and it may get addictive just as floppy bird. The game is all full of fun and what is more awesome is that it brings a taste of some of our old gaming actions like SOWS.The game also allows the gamer to share his or her preferred scores in Facebook twitter or any other social site.

3. Run sack boy! Run!
Sack boy is the knitted villain for the profound bigger planet. For those with the capability to make fast decisions then this is the game for them. It allows the gamer to run as fast as he/she can to avoid the grumpy crafted nature of the game. Its simplicity in controlling with a simple touch or swipe is also another feature that makes the game more interesting. The game has a simple design but it’s changing in level and presentation of different challenges will make you come back for more. It’s just epic.

4. Fallout Shelter.
Basically the game allows the individual to control a vault with all its occupants. By doing this you try to keep all the dwellers in a peaceful environment while protecting them from the external dangers. The gamer also has another challenge of controlling the basic resources for human survival and to ensure they do not run out. The game may also construct different things in the vault so as to get score bonuses. The players simply have to execute the power of control over the dwellers in the vault. Also the capacity of the occupants in the vault may increase as more people from the wasteland are brought in. This is a game for all those who are control freaks.

5. Mr Crab.
For all those who are interested with a twist in gaming, be sure to join Mr. Crab in one of the most profound adventures. Also available are 14 levels in which a gamer can unlock for free keeping in mind that for every new level, new challenges are available such as Blowfish Bob. The game is a complete adventure and the twist crowns it all.
In all this it is true to the fact that apple provides a variety of gaming tastes and preferences for all those gamers out there. We may credit this to be the reason for their steady growth and rise since it is a prolific ground for providing mobile games across every type.

OnLive Introduces Gaming Apps For iOS And Android

You can now experience console-like gaming by using your tablet or phone.

OnLive is introducing a unique gaming platform available for iOS and Android device users, as new apps are available for each platform.


OnLive is a service that provides full console titles for Internet game-playing; users can play games through renting or buying them. This platform was launched in September in the United Kingdom.

The most recent apps are very innovative because they provide full versions of popular games like L.A. Noire and Assassins Creed Revelations to users of iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and so on.

At first, 25 games were introduced for all of these touchscreen devices – including the popular titles mentioned above.

There will soon be a full library featuring 200 games that can be played by using Universal OnLive Wireless Controller. This controller will cost £39.99.

The games can be played via WiFi and 3G networks, but this depends on the speed of your Internet.

A Major Milestone

This app does not cost anything to download. However, members can pay a monthly fee to get a broad selection of titles, rent games for up to five days, or purchase a unique pass that offers unlimited play.

Steve Periman is the founder and CEO of OnLive. He states that OnLive’s new service is a significant milestone. These games are console-quality and highly-rated, and can be played using your favorite portable device. You have access to your games anywhere and at anytime.

He goes on to mention that tablets and smartphones are considered the most rapidly growing consumer products of all time, and they can now run high-quality, popular games. Periman believes that gaming has been changed forever with these innovations.

The mobile apps offer the type of full cloud functionality, so game-players can pick up where they left off on one device. The same game can be played with a number of different devices.

The Impact Made

It is impossible to understate the significant impact that these OnLive apps may have on the gaming world.

With the ability to play all types of games on iOS and Android devices, the popularity of handheld devices will continue to rise. Challenges will also be posed for developers of mobile games.

Games are developed for phone app stores each and every day, but they simply do not compare to the console-like gaming experience that will be offered by OnLive.

Through the use of tablet and smartphone apps for OnLive, you can enjoy your console gaming lifestyle no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Between the upcoming launch of Sony’s PS Vita and the currently used 3DS by Nintendo, these competitors may need to be worried.